Club administration

Services for clubs

Do you use too much time on administration in your club - time better spent on more enjoyable activities than administration of membership fees, master data and bad communication?

Then consider SPORTI!
We offer a club administration solution with these functions:

  • Online membership database with unlimited number of members and administrators
  • Four daily backups of data
  • Send out membership invoices on e-mails
  • Automatic update of membership period when payment is approved
  • Fast and easy way of sending mails to members
  • Membership control if you use SPORTI for registration for events

Our prices are based on a transactional fee per paid membership type. The fee depends on the sum of the total payment:

  • DKK 8,00 for amounts up to and including DKK 64,99
  • DKK 12,00 for amounts from DKK 65,00 to DKK 499,99
  • DKK 16,00 for amounts from DKK 500,00 and above.

As a club, you can choose whether the SPORTI fee should be added to the price, or whether the club pays, so that the SPORTI fee is deducted before payment to the club.

Note that there is also a payment fee (for Nets/Visa/MasterCard/MobilePay) that depends on which payment card is used. The payment fee will be deducted before payment to you. The fee for payment with Dankort is 0.32% of the purchase price and for other payment cards (within the EU/EEA) it is 1.2%. With a membership fee of DKK 400.00, a SPORTI fee will be DKK 12.00 and a payment fee of DKK 1.28 when paying with Dankort, and DKK 4.80 when paying with another payment card. If MobilePay is used, an additional DKK 1.00 fee is paid.

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Send an email to or call us on tel. 20717384 (Martin Skov).