SPORTI terms and conditions

When purchasing at, the buyer has accepted the following conditions.

Information about SPORTI

The buyer trades with SPORTI I/S (hereinafter referred to as SPORTI), VAT no. DK31140439. SPORTI has existed since January 15th 2008 (and was originally founded in 2003). SPORTI's postal address is Bryndumvej 108, 6715 Esbjerg N, Denmark.

SPORTI can be contacted at and on telephone +45 20 71 73 84.

Services with online registration and payment at SPORTI

At you can order and pay for the following electronic services:

  • Event registrations (participating)
  • Tickets for sporting events (as spectators)
  • Membership of clubs
  • Registrations to the Danish Icelandic Horse Association (DI) and the Norwegian Icelandic Horse Association (NIHF)

SPORTI only mediates the sale of registrations/registrations, for the above-mentioned types of electronic services, between the buyer and the responsible organizer who provides the main service.

The ordering process

To make a purchase on SPORTI, you must do the following:

  1. Find what you need to buy
  2. Log in if you are already have a SPORTI profile, or create a profile if you are a new customer
  3. Select what you need to buy and enter the necessary information for the organizer/suppliers
  4. Choose payment method and accept terms of trade and personal data policy
  5. Enter your card information
  6. Accept payments

Before the final acceptance of the order on, the buyer can change the order at any time.

Delivery of the service

Delivery of the service takes place digitally the moment you approve the payment. Any products you have purchased, e.g. running jersey, will be provided by the responsible organizer.

Your invoice receipt will be displayed on the screen and sent to the email you provided during the registration process. Delivery of registrations, tickets, membership and registrations is only done electronically via e-mail. If you have not received a receipt within 24 hours of completing the purchase, you can do the following:

  • Check if you have entered the correct email address and if the purchase has been completed (has money been withdrawn from the bank?).
  • Check if you have a spam filter that sorts out emails from

If that does not help, you can contact SPORTI on telephone +45 2071 7384 or .

Receipt/ticket and possible loss

Receipt for registration and payment, or the ticket with bar code, is your access sign to a specific event or as confirmation of a purchase of a registration to DI or purchase of membership. You should always bring a receipt / ticket as your proof of registration and payment.

If your receipt or ticket is lost before the event, SPORTI can resend a new receipt or issue a new ticket to you. The new ticket will have a new barcode and the old ticket will no longer be valid. You must contact SPORTI to receive a new receipt or to issue a new ticket. As a buyer, you bear the risk of double attendance. SPORTI may charge a fee for issuing a new ticket.

SPORTI and the organizer have no responsibility for problems caused by illegal copying or resale of tickets.

When buying tickets, the buyer is made aware of and accepts the following:

  • Tickets are only delivered electronically.
  • The ticket must be printed on light paper, in color or black and white, and only accepted with a valid bar code.
  • The barcode only allows access for one person and can only be used once. Illegal copying or illegal resale of tickets may mean the buyer cannot use the ticket.
  • SPORTI and the organizer have no responsibility for problems caused by illegal copying or resale of tickets.
  • The ticket will not be replaced in case of loss, but can be reissued against payment of a fee. Buyer bears the risk of double attendance.

Complaints and information about appeal options

Upon receipt of the receipt, the buyer should immediately check that it is the correct service, the correct date and time and any seats. If something is wrong with the buyer's order, please contact SPORTI so that the error can be corrected as soon as possible.

In connection with the purchase, the buyer is obliged to provide a valid and functional e-mail. SPORTI takes no responsibility for the delivery of receipts / tickets if a valid and functional e-mail has not been provided.

Any type of complaint that relates to the event / service itself must be addressed directly to the organizer. However, if there is something that you are dissatisfied with in connection with your purchase, you can contact SPORTI at or telephone +45 2071 7384.

A complaint about a service purchased from us can be submitted to the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority's Center for Complaint Resolution, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby. You can complain to the Center for Complaint Resolution via .

The European Commission's online complaints portal can also be used to lodge a complaint. This is particularly relevant if you are a consumer residing in another EU country. Complaints can be submitted here - . When submitting a complaint, you must state our e-mail

Prices and payment

All prices are stated including VAT (25% VAT rate). Some organizers are exempt from VAT according to the VAT Act's rules on amateur sports, while professional events may be subject to VAT. SPORTI shows on the receipt which services are subject to VAT, including SPORTI's administration fee.

It is the sole responsibility of the organizer to deal with VAT matters.

SPORTI deducts the payment when the ordered item has been delivered electronically to the buyer. SPORTI never withdraws a larger amount from the buyer's card than what the buyer has approved.

Before the buyer accepts the order, the total amount the buyer must pay will be stated

Buyer can pay with Dankort, VISA / Dankort, VISA, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro and via Mobile Pay. When using commercial cards and international cards (issued outside the EU/EEA), the buyer is surcharged the payment card fee.

The conclusion of the agreement

The purchase agreement is subject to the general conditions of Danish law. The agreement is only binding on both parties when SPORTI has registered and received payment and the buyer has received a receipt.

Note: SPORTI is only the intermediary of registrations / registrations on behalf of an organizer / supplier. The organizer / association is responsible for fulfilling the agreement. All matters relating to the fulfillment of the agreement must therefore be clarified directly with the organizer / supplier. You will find information about the organizer at SPORTI and in your confirmation of registration.

Right of withdrawal

SPORTI draws attention to the fact that in accordance with the "Act on certain consumer agreements § 17 subsection 2, cf. section 9 subsection 2 no. 2a", the purchase of tickets (including food tickets) is not covered by the right of withdrawal.

SPORTI points out that according to the Consumer Contracts Act, the purchase of recreational leisure activities, including entertainment, sports and similar cultural events is not covered by the right of withdrawal.

By purchasing memberships to an association and by registering with DI/NIHF, you accept that your right of withdrawal ceases the moment SPORTI begins delivery of the registration ordered by you (in accordance with the Consumer Contracts Act § 18, subsection 4). Once you have received the receipt on your screen (or by e-mail), the purchase can no longer be undone.

There is a 14-day right of withdrawal (for consumer purchases) on the purchase of an item (eg a race t-shirt), as an addition to a registration. The purchase amount is refunded with the full purchase price, but the customer pays the postage for returning the item, which must be done to the organizer. SPORTI will refund the amount until the time the online order closes. After this, the organizer is responsible for any refund. 


Registrations/tickets are only refunded by the organizer and only if the event is canceled. Any additional SPORTI fees will not be refunded. SPORTI can help the organizer with a refund for the participants.

As a mediator of registrations and tickets, SPORTI is not liable for refunds in connection with cancellation.

SPORTI seeks to contractually ensure that the organizer reimburses participant prices / ticket purchase price in the event of cancellation, but cannot assume any commercial responsibility for this.

Read more about advice and rights at sports and cultural events here:


An event is canceled if the event is not completed at all. Changes in the program, the date, partial implementation of the event, etc. are thus not a cancellation, and the money is not normally refunded.

SPORTI is not responsible for the implementation of the event, including bankruptcy, cancellation, changes in program and the like.

You must anticipate that there may be a delay in the start of an event due to weather, traffic or other conditions.


SPORTI reserves the right to make errors and omissions in information about prices and description of events.
SPORTI reserves the right to cancel issued tickets against refund of the ticket price and fees.

SPORTI reserves the right to change the allocation of seats within the same ticket category, as well as move to another category in exchange for paying the customer a possible price difference.
SPORTI is only liable for the buyer's direct loss if the liability exists in accordance with the general rules of Danish law. SPORTI liability in such cases is limited to the paid ticket fee / participation fee.

Personal data

The data controller for the collection of personally identifiable data is SPORTI.

SPORTI logs IP addresses (kind of network id number) to be able to fight fraud and abuse. IP addresses contain no person-identifiable information.

We only store information about the buyer, which the buyer himself has provided to SPORTI.

The buyer can at any time correct profile information or contact SPORTI ( to close the profile.

SPORTI only uses the buyer's profile information for what the buyer has expressly allowed SPORTI to do, as well as to show customized ads when the buyer logs in. This means that the information the buyer provides in connection with registration for a race can be used by the organizer and SPORTI to provide various services such as display of participant list, start numbers with name, club, etc., display on result lists and photos and video recorded on the activity date.

Read SPORTI's privacy policy here:


All inquiries regarding the event must be made to the organizer. The confirmation email contains information about the organizer so that the organizer can be contacted. This information is also available at .

If you have comments or questions about SPORTI's terms and conditions, you can send them to .

SPORTI can be contacted at and on telephone +45 20 71 73 84.