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Privacy Policy from SPORTI
January 12, 2021

Collection and processing of your personal information

SPORTI collects and processes data about you when you:

  • Create a profile
  • Sign up for events
  • Buying a ticket
  • Join a club
  • Pays membership fee to a club
  • Pays for a service at a pedigree office

All processing of data is done via

SPORTI processes data on behalf of an organizer or club. It is the organizer/club who decides what information to use from you in connection with their event/membership.

Your information is disclosed to the organizer/club only.

What information is collected and how is it used?

Information in your SPORTI profile
Your SPORTI profile contains the information you typically need to submit in connection with registration and payment (and thus ensure a quick registration process). If you register other people, their information may also be stored under your profile.

  • First and last name: To identify you on start lists, results lists
  • Gender: For division into Women/Men in connection with results
  • Date of birth: For calculation of age on the day of the race for division into age groups or for minimum age control, for checking membership in a club
  • E-mail: For communication with SPORTI and the organizer/club, login to your SPORTI profile
  • Address (road, zip, city, country): Typically used if the organizer should contact you directly, for example delivery of bib number or dispatch of membership magazine
  • Phone number: So the organizer can contact you quickly
  • Password: For login to your profile - saved encrypted, not even SPORTI can view it
  • Login via social media: For login to your profile with the same login information as the selected social media. We save a social media (a token) permission and your social media ID. You can always ask to delete this connection. We cannot see your password.

Gender, age, city, and country are also used anonymously to show organizer statistics about their registrations.

In connection with a registration for an event
If you register for an event, information can be gathered specifically for the event, for example: 

  • Distance/test selection: 35 km, 125 km, Tölt, Gait etc.
  • Selection of start group: Start time for the chosen distance
  • Mobile number: If you buy a text message for sending your result
  • Purchase: Purchase of clothes, catering, accommodation, etc.
  • Member Information: Membership Number, License Number
  • Question: Where did you hear about the event from?
  • Contact by accident: Contact person and telephone number

You can always contact the organizer of the individual event and ask what information to use.

Order and Payment Information
Once your registration and payment has been completed, information is saved as an order in SPORTI's system. The order contains all information relevant to your registration, including prices, purchases, discounts and payment method.

If you have a profile on SPORTI, your order will automatically be associated with your profile and you can see a history of your orders via SPORTI.

Due to accounting principles it is not possible to delete an order.

The payment information you enter will never be saved and are not available for SPORTI after the purchase has been completed. All payments are processed by a certified subcontractor (epay) and SPORTI never sees the payment card information.

SPORTI sends the following emails:

  • Approval of profile creation
  • Confirmation of profile creation
  • Receipt for completed registration
  • Invoice receipt for completed payment

SPORTI does not issue newsletters.

The organizer/club can contact you by e-mail with information about the event you are registered for/about conditions relevant to the club you are a member of. Sending of these mails can be done via SPORTI's system, but they are send by the organizer/club.

We'll check if an email is delivered to determine whether an email has arrived or not.

Publicly available information

Start lists/list of participants
Once you sign up for an event, your name, distance/tests, starting number and team name/club can be displayed on a public participant list. 

Result lists
If you have participated in a race (running, cycling, roller skating, triathlon, etc.), your name, distance, starting number, country, team name and your registered times can appear on a public result list.

Some of the mentioned information may also appear on the big screen for a sport event and/or be communicated over the speaker by a commentator. The purpose of this is to help the audience to get updates on the sport event and get live updates on results.

Your rights

You have a number of special rights under the Personal Data Regulation (GDPR) when we process personal information about you:

  • The right to be informed – we will inform you about how we process your data
  • The right to access – you can request a copy of the personal data we have
  • The right to rectification – you can ask us to update information about you which is inaccurate
  • The right to erasure (to be forgotten) – you can ask us to erase your data
  • The right to restrict processing – you can request us to limit the processing of your data
  • The right to data portability – you can ask us to deliver your data in a commonly used format
  • The right to object – you can object to us processing your data

You may make use of your rights, including objections to our treatment, by contacting us at We respond to requests within max. 20 working days.

You can always delete your profile by sending an email to SPORTI at with name and address.

Remember, if you have a profile on SPORTI, you can always see what information we have about you and see a history of your entries / purchases.

How safe is SPORTI?

To prevent unauthorized access to the information you provided us, SPORTI does its utmost to protect your personal information. All information regarding payments is sent encrypted (128-bit) to Nets through a certified payment gateway, and neither SPORTI nor the organizers have access to the card information associated with a payment.

Your profile on SPORTI is protected by a username and password. The password is encrypted and not even SPORTI can see your password. 


Cookies - What is it?
A cookie is a small piece of software that is stored on your hard drive with information about your computer. It is not used for collecting personal information.

SPORTI uses cookies to identify which computer you are working from throughout the registration and payment process. If you have chosen to set your Internet browser to not receive cookies, please visit SPORTI's websites, but you cannot register and pay.

As a starting point, we do not store any personal information in cookies. When you log in with a SPORTI profile, we save a key in a cookie. We use Google Analytics cookies to keep track of how our website is used, so we can continuously improve it.

Log files
We log IP addresses (kind of network id number) to be able to fight fraud and abuse. IP addresses contain no person-identifiable information.

Links to other pages

SPORTI's website contains links to many other websites. Please note that SPORTI is not responsible for the processing of personal information on these websites we link to. This Privacy Policy applies only to the processing of personal information at

Changes to SPORTI's privacy policy

If there are changes to the terms of this Privacy Policy, SPORTI will publish these changes and update the change date in the document so that you are always aware of what information we collect online, how we use them, and what choices you have.

Our privacy policy has last been updated January 12th 2021.

Contact about SPORTI’s privacy policy

If you have comments or questions about our rules to protect your personal data please contact us at

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