Icehorse Festival 2024 - TRACES

Thursday 4 April 2024

Dear riders at Icehorse Festival 2024

According to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration horses from all countries outside Denmark are obliged to make EU TRACE health certificates for travelling to Denmark.
Furthermore, as TRACEs in Denmark are concerned A to B certificates “10-day rule” does no longer exist in Denmark.
Therefor horses from other countries are, according to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, obliged to make new EU TRACE health certificates before leaving the event-ground to go home.

Icehorse Festival offers to organize a joint vet check and assistance with setting up new TRACEs documents.

The papers and vet check can be booked at no later than Tuesday April 2 at 15:00.
Link to registration site will follow in a separate email within a few days.

The price depends on the number of horses to be checked. Estimated price 700 -1000 DKK.
Upon registration 700 DKK will be charged and eventual difference will be either refunded or charged after invoicing from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

The TRACE number of the event-ground is DK129446.

Participants at the Icehorse Festival are responsible for acquainting themselves with the applicable regulations of transporting horses between EU countries.

The sole interest of Icehorse Festival with respect to this bureaucratic and comprehensive set of rules is to inform and help the riders to the best of our abilities.
Icehorse Festival have no obligations towards the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration with respect to information about participants and their destinations.


Best wishes for a very festive event.
Icehorse Festival

The organizers take reservations for printing errors.

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