Race timing

Reliable race timing with disposable chips

Are you looking for a timekeeper who can deliver fast results at a fair price and which removes the hazzle of collecting used chips then you should consider SPORTI.

Fast results

We take pride in delivering fast online results including online diplomas - we do not start packing on race day until results are done. During the race we have live-results and when the last competitor passes the finish line we go through our data and upload diplomas on the final result list.

Check out our result database - SPORTI result database.


SPORTI can deliver one or more displays for the commentator so he/she can see competitor data and results. It is possible to get a spotter-portal in order for the commentator to speak abut who will pass the finish line shortly.

RFID disposable chips

SPORTI uses RFID disposable chips which eliminates the hazzle of collecting used chips after the race and getting competitors to pay for un-returned chips.

For runnig races the chip is part of the bib-number and for cycling races it is a sticker to be places on top of the helmet.

Flexible solutions

We typically time events where the start and finish line are at the same location but we can handle situations with different start and finish lines. We can time races with multiple laps and with splits along the route.

All results kan be divided in gender categories as well as age categories and we can make team results and many other things.

SPORTI times races where the number of competitors differs from very few and up to 5000 - but here is no limit for us.

Get a quote for your race

Send us an e-mail at info@sporti.dk if you want a quote for your race. Please include information about race name, date, type of sport, expected number of participants, first start time, closing time for finish line and possible other demands.

You can also call Martin Skov: +45 20 71 73 84.