Ticket solutions

SPORTI's ticket solutions

Do you need a ticket solution with print-your-self functionality?

SPORTI can deliver a ticket solution with either the possibility of buying a ticket for a particular section or buying a ticket for a numbered seat (or a combination of both).

The ticket solution is mostly used when you as the organizer does not need personal data from the purchaser and when you want to control the validity of the ticket upon entrance to the event.

Setup of event and ticket design

We will help with the setup of the event and with the design of the ticket. When you are satisfied with the entire setup we can open for the sale of tickets.

Access control at the event

You will get access to our administration module for access control, where you can scan the barcode on the tickets with a barcode scanner. Instantly you will be informed if the ticket is valid or not.

Please note that internet access is required for the access control system to work. Barcode scanners can be rented or purchased from SPORTI.


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Want to know more?

Call Martin Skov at +45 20 71 73 84 or write to SPORTI at info@sporti.dk.