FEIF: Open Breeders Meeting

Lørdag den 17. januar 2015

INVITATION – 2nd FEIF Open Breeders’ Meeting
Information – Communication – Cooperation

You are “in” the Icelandic horse breeding? You are a breeder, rider, trainer, judge, official or “just interested”?

Share your ideas, thoughts and concerns with others and those who try to do the FEIF breeding work as good as possible….

Topics of the day:
- Horse welfare – are we doing well in taking care?
- The breeding horse evaluation system – rules and procedures – What can be improved? Do we get sufficient information out of the assessment form? Do the marks for spirit reflect the impressions and experiences of the riders and owners/ breeders? – Other questions?
- The responsibility of the trainer and the owner
- The Foal and young horse assessments - where is this going?
- The Icelandic horse - development in the breeding goal - Are we on the right track?
- Doping of men and horses – will this be a problem?

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

Start: 10:00, End: 17:00.
It is possible to stay for a joint dinner 18:00

Registration and fees

Venue: House of Sports - hotel and conference centre/ Idrættens Hus, Brøndby Stadion 20, 2605 Brøndby, +45 43 26 26 26, receptionen@dif.dk

It is easy to get to the House of Sports/ Idrættens Hus by car. Highway E47 and E55 are very close and 3,000 free parking spots make sure that parking is never an issue.

Also the busses 130, 135, 166 and 500S go to Brøndby Strand Station, Brønd¬byøster Station and Glostrup Station from where trains leave all the time. Bus stops close to the House of Sports are Gildhøj Centret and Brøndby Hallen.

Plan your trip with bus and train here.

Registration deadline: January 10th, 2015

Registration contact: FEIF Office, Susanne Fröhlich, office@feif.org;

Participation fee: 
DKK 310 (42,- EUR) includes beverages and snacks during the meeting. If you prefer cash payment it will be DKK 345 (EUR 47.-).

Lunch can be bought for DKK 140 (EUR 19) and dinner for DKK 245 (EUR 33). 

Arrangørens kontaktinfo

FEIF c/o Dansk Islandshesteforening

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Dansk Islandshesteforening


Idrættens Hus
Brøndby Stadion 20
2605 Brøndby
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Nærmere præcisering: +45 43 26 26 26, receptionen@dif.dk