Nordic Championship 2016

8. - 14. august 2016

Billetsalg er lukket

Nordic Championships for Icelandic Horses 2016, 08.-14. August at Biri Travbane, Norway

On behalf of the Norwegian Icelandic Horse Association (NIHF), the International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations (FEIF) and the local Icelandic horse club Sleipnir, we wellcome you to the Nordic Championships 2016. Start of the preliminary rounds August 9th.

The Nordic competition in 2016 will take place at "Biri Travbane" situated in Biri, in the central eastern part of Norway, nearby Norway´s biggest lake, Mjøsa. The trip from Oslo Airport takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes with car and there are frequent train- and busconnections. There are a lot of accomodation possibilities within 30 min from the area, in the towns: Hamar, Lillehammer and Gjøvik, all known as "olympic towns" from Winter Olympics1994 – visit our homepage.

There is an oval-track inside the trotting track and the site is perfect for Icelandic horse competitions. There are stables and a lot of room for riders/horse training, spectators and sponsors. The Norwegian Championships have been held here in 2009, 2012, 2014 and 2015. And in 2013, the first Nordic Gæðinga Championships was arranged here with success. In 2016 Gæðinga will be an official part of the Nordic Championships and Nordic Champions will be elected in A- B- and Youngriders Flokkur.

Entrance tickets and Camping during Nordic Championships
There will be camping on the site, only few meters from the competition area. There will be cafees, a restaurant with panoramic view to the oval track. If you want something special, you can buy VIP-tickets in the restaurant. In the evenings there will be entertainment, pub and grilling within the site. On Saturday evening you can go to the “Riders party” in the restaurant.
Book your tickets for entrance, camping and “Riders party” now.
On the entrance and VIP-tickets we offer you 10% off if you buy before Dec. 31. – the perfect Christmas gift!!

You can visit the marketplace at both sides of the spectators area. This means a good opportunity for exhibitors to promote sale an PR of riding equipment, natural products for horse care, horse food, clothes/gear, handcraft/art products, horsetrailers, ATV’s and more. You can find the sponsorprogram here.

Volunteers for the Nordic Championships.
A big event like this depends on many volunteers. As a volunteer you will have free entry, some crew clothing, all meals the days you work and free camping at the crew’s area. In return you must work several hours daily, and some of you have to stay until the tournament ends to take part in the “clean up”. This event will, however, be an experience of a lifetime. Sign in as a volunteer here.